I'm A Fabulous Crab!
Illustrator: Nikki Greenberg
ISBN: 9781922400734
Published: 2021
Henry the hermit crab is done with his dull life on the dim ocean floor. He wants glamour and drama! He wants dazzle and splash! He wants to be known as Fabulous Crab! But when Fab bedazzles himself in a bit too much bling, he might have landed himself in deep water ... I'm Fabulous Crab is a sparkling spectacle of a story about embracing who you are and wearing your true colours (and a…

Henry the hermit crab wanted MORE. He was sick of not having sequins, sparkles, flounces and frills like other sea creatures and wished hermit crabs didn’t just hide in the sand with their boring shell. The 6 year olds who read it loved the sparkly title, the glittery pictures and rhyming language. They enjoyed the variety of characters, all creatures living on the Great Barrier Reef and the surprise ending, making the shark a ‘goodie’.

Children listening to the story felt the descriptive language was a bit complex and a bit of a tongue twister to read out loud. It is recommended for 6-9 year olds.

Review by Library Class – Caulfield Grammar School – Wheelers Hill Campus