ISBN: 9781398517264
Published: 2023
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The first definitive biography of basketball legend LeBron James, by the acclaimed author of Tiger Woods . LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of the twenty-first century and vying with Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time. The reigning king of the game, LeBron wears the crown like he was born with it. Yet his ascent has been anything but effortless and predetermined. As a child, he was…

“LeBron” by Jeff Benedict is a biography about the life of LeBron James leading up to his career in the NBA. Benedict covers everything from when LeBron was growing up to when he was signing endorsement deals before being drafted into the NBA!

There are some interesting stories and pieces of LeBron’s life that not many people would know, including the friendships he built with people and children when growing up. Others include when LeBron nearly signed with Reebok and Adidas, as well as when LeBron wanted to be a NFL star.

I recommend this to people who enjoy reading inspirational books, as “LeBron” provides this with the stories and moments of his career. I personally love this book as it takes you behind the scenes of one of the best players in the NBA and what he went through during his childhood to get to the pinnacle of basketball.

Reviewed by Tynan J. Year 7 – Salesian College Sunbury