Rock Paper Killers
ISBN: 9781398508781
Published: 2022
When five Dublin teenagers arrive at a rural coastal college to cram for their final exams, their most pressing concern is the prospect of a month with no partying. Little do they know that one of them will never make it back home...

‘Rock Paper Killers’ is a decent, hypnotic thriller novel. The book is set in Dublin, based
around 5 teenagers made to attend a summer boarding school to learn Irish. The 5 of them
keep harmful secrets from each other that slowly unveil. All of them end up befriending
another one’s enemy. These events lead to a cruel death.

Sadly, the book lacks a strong plot but has a good overall idea, it just wasn’t delivered very
well. This meant that it sometimes got a little slow during the set up and there were a few
unnecessary points, but Mason mainly made up for it with the final plot twist.

I recommend ‘Rock Paper Killers’ to people who are fans of ‘We Were Liars’ and/or the
‘Inheritance Games’ trilogy.

Reviewed by Chlo – Year 8 – Ivanhoe Grammar School