Illustrator: Andrew Plant
ISBN: 978122696014
Published: 2022
Dive with young whale Fluke into a sparkling deep-sea adventure. Fluke is a young sperm whale with big dreams of seeing the stars. But when you've got a whale-sized head in the way, looking up isn't easy. So when wise old Cachalot advises him to look for the stars that shine below, Fluke sets off on an adventure that he never imagined possible.

Stardiving is an inspiring book perfect for keen young readers. Located in the depths of the ocean, two Sperm whales, Amber and Fluke, dream of seeing stars, however throughout the text they start to lose hope of ever doing so.

Personally, I believe this book is nothing but exceptional and I really liked reading it. I mostly enjoyed the part where Fluke fulfils his dreams whereas I wasn’t too fond of the part where Amber and Fluke were unable to connect with each other.  I think the author was inspired to write this book to help readers dive down under and have a mindset where they are proud to be themselves.

I give the text a total of 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to readers of all ages, but especially ones who are ready to reach for the stars and chase their hearts desires. This text sends out the strong message: don’t reach for what you don’t have, instead dive down deep and appreciate what you do have. From reading this text, I have learnt to be proud of who I am and I found this book to be a splendid read.

Reviewed by Hargun – Brentwood Park Primary School.