ISBN: 9781760654634
Published: 2022
Tilda Moss refuses to believe her papa has abandoned her and left her, alone and orphaned, in Brushwood Convent and Home for Girls, no matter what Sister Agatha says. A promise is a promise and Papa promised he would be back for her as soon as he returns from the war. But Tilda is convinced the dreadful Sister Agatha is out to get her. Why is she so hateful all the time? She insists that…

Tilda is an astounding book that kept me engaged throughout the story. Tilda is a stubborn girl who refuses to believe that her Papa has left her orphaned. She is convinced that he will return from war, but Sister Agatha thinks otherwise. Additional to the suspense and shocking plot twist , there was humour that had the story flowing. A distinct message in the book was to never give up hope. It painted a vivid image in my mind with its detailed description. Quoted by Megan Daley, ‘Tilda is all grit, resilience and heart’. Overall, I adored this book and would recommend it to ages 8-12 with a 5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Jo, Year 6, Brentwood Park Primary.