Tell Me Why for Young Adults
‘There are many Australian stories, and mine is just one about what happened to me and other First Peoples of this country. It’s important for me to tell my story – because it’s not just part of my healing but of this country’s as well. We all have a story and as you read this book I would like you to think of your own story, what that means and who is also a part…

Archie Roach’s  ‘Tell Me Why?’ tells us about the life of Archie Roach, who is one of Australia’s best known indigenous musicians.  It was a really insightful look into the life of a man who was part of the stolen generation, although he does not remember much.  The book shows the evolution of his life from leaving foster care after discovering, through a letter, his true origins, through interesting experiences living on the street, and drinking, through to his emergence as a musical talent. 

His career started at the edges of a music scene, inspired by another indigenous musician who was much beloved by members of the audience in a local area. It gives a lot of insight into the connectedness of Aboriginal communities and the challenges of moving to somewhere when those connections are not there.  The book explores who Archie Roach is, and how he found himself. 

The book challenges the understanding of young adults, like myself, who come from a relatively privileged upbringing. The book shows how there is a lot more than meets the eye, an insider’s view into a life that may be consider undesirable by society. A very good read. 

 Review by Rianna Emmanuel College

Second Review

I think that this book is a really good book, it is emotional and heart warming.

It makes you sometimes sad, or sometimes angry, all these emotions come with the book, a true story of Archie Roach’s life, it is a biography, written with poem’s inside, the pages are filled with compassion and feeling, it grabs your attention and you want to turn the pages to read this person’s life.

I felt happy, I felt sad, I felt angry at what happened. I wanted to help and reach out my hand but, It was only a book.

I recommend this book!

Review by Gabrielle Emmanuel College