The Suprise Party
ISBN: 9780671735616
Series Number: 2
Published: 1989
Meg Dalton is planning a surprise party for her friend Ellen, who was coming back to Fear Street for a visit. Someone doesn't want the party to happen, and they'll stop at nothing to prevent it.

The Surprise Party is a book about a teenager, called Meg, who is throwing a surprise party for her
friend Ellen who has been away for a year. While she is setting up the party, she gets weird phone
calls trying to scare her from setting up the party. Tony, who is Meg’s boyfriend, has been acting
strange since his friend Evan died in the Fear Street woods. I think the book is okay; it can get a bit boring in some chapters, but the last couple of chapters makes you want to read more. The part that I liked about this book was the plot twist at the end. The parts I least enjoyed were the long chapters. I would recommend this book to people who like books written by R.L. Stine and creepy stories. Thisbook is aimed for children between the ages 13-16 because the characters are teenagers. It also has scary parts in the book that young kids might not like. The genre of this book is both mystery and horror.

Reviewed by Allegra – Year 7 Salesian College Sunbury