Wen Zhou is determined to create a future for herself that is more satisfying than the life her parents expect her to lead. Equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful, Tiger Daughter is a wonderfully compelling and authentic Own Voices novel about growing up Asian in Australia.

Tiger Daughter is an insightful portrayal of the Australian migrant experience. Wen’s father, a medical practitioner in China, has no choice but to spend his nights waiting tables at the local Chinese restaurant to earn money. Her mother spends her days cooking and cleaning the house, having long ago abandoned her former life as a socialite. As Wen works to break out of a life that has been prescribed for her, she too begins to challenge the cultural conceptions that have long held her family back.

This novel tackles some heavy topics – mental health, parental pressure and racial abuse, but it also weaves in tender moments full of compassion and hope. Rebecca Lim has written a powerful Own-Voices story about perseverance and determination that will completely and utterly win readers’ hearts. 5 stars. Review submitted by Xiao Xiao.