We Are Australians
Illustrator: Jandamarra Cadd
ISBN: 9781742036328
Reviewers: ,
Published: 2022
What does it mean to be a citizen of Australia?

The We are Australians book written by Duncan Smith and Nicole Godwin and illustrated by Jandamarra Cadd is an absolutely exceptional masterpiece. This book tells/shows how important our country and our community is and how we stand up to share our differences with each other. The paintings are intricate, phenomenal, creative and inspiring. I believe this should be a well known book, especially for Australian citizens so they can understand the true meaning of this book and what it means to be an Australian citizen. I will give this book 4.7 stars because I think it needs more interesting vocabulary.

Reviewed by Kritika – Year 6 – Strathtulloh Primary School

This book is called We are Australians written by Duncan Smith and Nicole Godwin. It includes beautiful Aboriginal paintings painted by Jandamarra Cadd that represent being inclusive, equal, acknowledging the traditional owners and Australia becoming a multicultural country. This book would be brilliant if you recently became an Australian citizen or if you are seeking simple information about history and the land.

Reviewed by  Lianne and Subha – Year 6 – Strathtulloh Primary School