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It Ends With Us

It Ends with Us is a mature book which talks deeply about themes of physical abuse in relationships. The story follows Lily Bloom who is revealed to have two love interests in this story. It gives you a very important perspective on the struggles when wanting to escape an abusive relationship, and the challenges of …

This is not forgiveness.

Jamie was warned about the beautiful, dangerous, mysterious girl Caro. ButJamie finds her different from all the other girls. The more time he spends withher, the more strange she seems. Jamie’s brother, Rob, returned fromAfghanistan war with a bad injury and isolates himself from everyone.Somehow Caro and Rob seem to know each other. This story …

An Arrow to the Moon

An arrow to the moon takes a modern twist on two well known stories; Romeo and Juliet and The legend of Chang’e and Hou Yi. Emily X.R. Pan tackles various challenges of our modern day society. Though the ending was quite abrupt, the story offers a thrilling plotline with plenty of action. Review by Mia – Viewbank College