ISBN: 0747557551
Published: 2002
Stanley Yelnat's family has a history of bad luck going back generations, so he is not too surprised when a miscarriage of justice sends him to Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre. Nor is he very surprised when he is told that his daily labour at the camp is to dig a hole, five foot wide by five foot deep, and report anything that he finds in that hole. The warden claims that it is…

Holes is a mix of adventure, mystery, and fantasy, and is the best book I have ever read. It is about a
boy named Stanley Yelnats (is also Stanley Yelnats spelt backwards), who gets sent to a place called Camp Green Lake, a correctional boot camp in the very dry desert, after a thief threw Stanley a pair of shoes.

Holes has many twists and turns to the story such as when the characters must leave the camp to
find the thumb (the thumb is a mountain at the top shaped like a thumb). The adventure the characters have along the way of the story is spectacular, as they take dangerous risks, and they begin to understand the life of the outback. Along the way the story goes back in time and gives you a flashback to give you a better understanding of the book. The author managed to tell us about the characters in great detail. I know this from when I watched the movie and after reading the book.

Holes is the kind of book you would read more than once and love no matter what; it is that good. I would recommend you get this book, especially if you like the outback and going on a dangerous adventure.

Reviewed by Mia D. Year 7 – Salesian College Sunbury