This is Not Forgiveness
ISBN: 9781408821442
Published: 2011
Everyone says that Caro is bad ... but Jamie can't help himself. He thinks of her night and day and can't believe that she wants to be his girlfriend. Gorgeous, impulsive and unconventional, she is totally different to all the other girls he knows. His sister, Martha, hates her. Jamie doesn't know why, but there's no way he's going to take any notice of her warnings to stay away from Caro. But as Jamie falls…

Jamie was warned about the beautiful, dangerous, mysterious girl Caro. But
Jamie finds her different from all the other girls. The more time he spends with
her, the more strange she seems. Jamie’s brother, Rob, returned from
Afghanistan war with a bad injury and isolates himself from everyone.
Somehow Caro and Rob seem to know each other. This story is dark and
doesn’t have a happily ever after. It has some really great themes and I would
recommend this book to anyone who enjoys war-fiction and romance.

Reviewed by Mia, Year 7, Mount Eliza Secondary College.