Aster's Good, Right Things
Eleven-year-old Aster attends a school for gifted kids, but she doesn't think she's special at all. If she was, her mother wouldn't have left. Each day Aster must do a good, right thing-a challenge she sets herself, to make someone else's life better. Nobody can know about her things, because then they won't count. And if she doesn't do them, she's sure everything will go wrong.Then she meets Xavier.

Aster’s Good, Right Things follows an 11-year-old girl named Aster who attends a special school for gifted kids, despite not thinking she’s special. Every day, Aster tries to complete one good, right thing. But for it to count, no one must know it was her who completed it. She does this every day, without fail, in fear that her entire world will collapse if she doesn’t, until Xaxier turns up…

From the beginning, the audience could see the thought processes of Aster as she travelled her day to day life. I learned of Aster’s experience as she tries to work out her emotions and allows people around her to help. I also learnt that children go through the same hard emotions as most teenagers and adults do, but aren’t seen as often because of society’s expectations. 

Gordan was able to produce a book that truly inspired people to continue to look on the brightside and keep doing those little, good, right things. 

My rating for this book is 5/5. An amazing read to anyone who enjoys heartwarming adventures and emotional rollercoasters, this book is bound to make you tear up.