The Hard Way
ISBN: 9781743797648
Published: 2020
Recounts Richmond football club's journey to the 2020 ALF Grand Final. Konrad Marshall reconstructs an unprecedented season of footy and the team that came to shine through it all. The 2020 AFL season was a season like no other, and the challenges faced by the premier team, due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, were substantial. Richmond, the reigning premier, started the season slowly, were then relocated to a Gold Coast hub for…

The Hard Way, by Konrad Marshall, is a story about the Richmond Tigers and their journey through
‘Hub Life’ during the 2020 COVID-infected year. It was a hard year in 2020, especially in the AFL, with the delay of the football season. Marshall was inside the clubrooms and coach’s box, interviewing the players. His book provided a detailed insight into how the players went about their daily lives, and how hard they work to be professional athletes. 

I enjoyed reading this book so much because I absolutely love football. I’m not much of a fan of
books but found this text very interesting and couldn’t stop reading it. My favourite part of the book
was reading about the Richmond Football Club’s premiership win because it was so emotional for all the players and staff involved. Their win was a great victory and probably one of the hardest things achieved in their life. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves sport, sport documentaries, AFL or for anyone interested in the impact of the COVID pandemic on sport at that time. 

Reviewed by Liam J. – Year 7 – Salesian College Sunbury