When We Were Two
ISBN: 9780143566830
Published: 2011
Dan has had it with his Dad. He's not going to take the abuse anymore. He's sixteen, old enough to leave; maybe he'll find his long-lost mother in the process. What Dan doesn't count on is being followed by his younger brother Eddie, and what began as a reckless solo journey becomes one of responsibility. Their bond is tested by the characters they encounter and when they fall in with a small group of would-be…

The novel When We Were Two is written by Robert Newton. This heartfelt novel shows the
compassion and love the protagonist, Dan, has for his brother, Eddie. Though he grew up with an
abusive father and a mother who escaped, Dan managed to protect his brother while fending for
them both. Their search for their mother starts in Gunnedah and, while they can’t rely on adults,
they meet many people along the way, receiving help regardless of race or colour. The novel shares
pieces of how the boys deal with racism, predators, and death. This novel teaches valuable lessons,
like how racism occurred to anyone of colour. This exciting novel takes your mind on an adventure
through the boys’ eyes, and how they dealt with the outside world. I recommend this book to
readers in Year 8-9 because it teaches many lessons, including racism in Australia and how not
everyone is kind-hearted.

Reviewed by Indie – Year 8 – Salesian College Sunbury