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Blue Flower

A new book from Sonya Hartnett is always something to anticipate and celebrate. Blue Flower is no exception. Hartnett is a superbly lyrical writer and when she bends her considerable talent to picture books the affect is especially delightful. Evans has done a masterful job of supporting this beautifully written text with his whimsical illustrations and soft, muted palette. 

Yes, No, Maybe So

In this wonderfully warm novel, Albertalli and Saeed bring us not only a story of hope and resistance in the face of adversity, but also one of the cutest and most truthful teenage romances in recent YA.

Concrete Rose

Set 17 years before Angie Thomas’ critically acclaimed novel The Hate U Give, Concrete Rose is ostensibly a prequel but stands on its own as an earnest and heartfelt story of love, fatherhood, and growing up. Maverick is a brilliant protagonist, facing the world with a kindness and honesty that is inspiring to see in a male hero.

Tiger Daughter

Tiger Daughter is an insightful portrayal of the Australian migrant experience. Wen’s father, a medical practitioner in China, has no choice but to spend his nights waiting tables at the local Chinese restaurant to earn money. Her mother spends her days cooking and cleaning the house, having long ago abandoned her former life as a socialite.

Skunk and Badger

The ‘odd couple relationship’ is not a new concept, especially not in children’s books. It must be done extraordinarily well to succeed as to hold up to other epic examples, including Ernie and Bert, Wallace and Gromit, Big Ears and Noddy, etc.