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Girl of the Southern Sea

‘Girl of the Southern Sea’ is a book set in the slums of Indonesia and is about a girl called Nia who has goals too big for the place she was born in. I absolutely loved Nia, who stuck to her values and fought for herself, no matter what the people around her said.

When We Are Invisible

‘When We Are Invisible’ is set in a post-apocalyptic society surrounding the outer suburbs of Sydney. Max, Lucy and Finn have just escaped the boundaries of the city and have made it to an old campsite that has been turned into a safe place where there is food, water, and shelter.

The Edge of Thirteen

I started this book because I recently turned into a teenager and just started year 8 like Clem. I really took pleasure in reading this book. This book was about 13 year old Clem attempting to fit in and dealing with demanding friendships and it would be categorised in the genre of reality.

All About Time

This book is called “All About Time.” I was really excited to learn about time. The best thing about this book was that it was like someone was actually speaking to you. This made it more interesting and intriguing. I did think that it was a bit too long in places but there were many …

Show Me The Money

This book is about the people who are on the Australian notes. I was excited to see the contents page in the book because it had the names of the famous people on the notes. The interesting part was that they included the stories behind these famous people, and what they had achieved to get their names and pictures printed on the notes.

All About Graphs

This wonderful book explains about the different types of graphs and how we can collect and use the information we put into them.  Along the way, there is an adorable dog named Arlo.  There are lots of opportunities to have a go at the graphs yourself using data collected by Arlo’s owners.